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English Morphology: A Short Introduction


Author: Haryati
ISBN: 978-623-8210-72-5
Editor: Abdul Aziz

Design Cover: Muhammad Khutub

Layout: Muhammad Arifin

Size: Vi-106, 15,5×23 cm

Cetakan pertama, November 2023


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English, with its intricate web of words and structures, stands as a testament to the beauty and complexity of language. Morphology, the study of the smallest units of meaning within words, unveils the rich tapestry that forms the very foundation of English. This book, “English Morphology: A Short Introduction,” is an endeavor to shed light on this fascinating aspect of the English language.

In this concise yet comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey through the fundamental building blocks of words. From the smallest units – morphemes – to the myriad ways they combine to create meaning, this book serves as a roadmap for understanding the structure and formation of words in English.


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